About Angie

Angie Whitney is a first generation US American.  Her mother is from Spain and her father is from the USA.  Angie has grown up speaking both English and Spanish and speaks both fluently. 

In school as in life Angie has shown her ability to be a natural leader. She led teams and clubs growing up.  Angie worked as a Sports Editor, Called Sporting Events during the 80's when there were only a handful of females covering sports.  She called games in both Spanish and English.​

Angie grew up understanding that she could attain anything she wanted as long as she worked hard.  She is living proof of the lesson her family taught her.   She currently runs her own business and works with most of the both big and small businesses in Garland to help them help their teams have a better working environment.  She has worked with Kraft, Marlow, Hat-co, Cosmax, J&J Manufacturing, Milano Hats, Epiroc, City of Garland, Valspar, Sherwin Williams, Brille, Aloe Vera, Garrett Metal Detectors, EcoLab .... just to name a few.

Angie's company, TrainerAngie.com along with Dallas College was selected to develop a Customer Service program and to train the employees of the City of Garland.  As a result of her work, she was awarded the "Teacher of the Year" for 2013 and 2014.

Angie is also very involved in the Garland community.  She was one of the organizers of the first Habitat for Humanity Color Fun Run held at the Firewheel golf park.  She is very proud that the event raised more that $18,000 for Habitat Garland.  

You will also find Angie in front of the camera on both Facebook and Instagram several times a month,  as she serves at the face of Doodle Dandy Rescue (a local Garland charity.)  She picks dogs up from local shelters, creates fundraising events, and keeps the DDR community updated on the 30+ dogs in foster care.

Angie completed the Citizen's Police Academy where she won the Garland Police Academy's "Top Gun" award on shoot and drive day. She has also completed the Garland Citizen's Fire Academy.  

Angie has served in the Garland Community as not only a business leader,  but as an advocate for neighbors and animals.  She is photographed in her on-line training  studio prior to a training class with her Doodle Dandy Rescue foster dog Hope. 

Angie resides in the Firewheel Golf Park area and is the proud "parent" to her 3 dogs, Rocky Balboa, Apollo Creed and her "foster fail" Little Bit.  Both Rocky and Apollo are rescues from the Garland Animal Shelter.

She enjoys cool nights on the patio at her firepit watching the sun set over Garland and very often shares the beauty of Garland on her social media pages.

To learn more about Angie Whitney, please explore the site, like her social media pages and reach out to her with any questions or suggestions.

As a leader, Angie believes that struggling alone to get things done rarely works, EVERYTHING happens when there is a strong team behind it with purpose!  


Meet Angie

This is me!

HI!!  I'm Angie and I want your vote in the May special election for the City of Garland District 1 City Council Position.   The city council makes a lot of decisions as to how your hard earned tax dollars are spent.  

I am a private business owner who's business, TrainerAngie.com is located in District 1.